However, we use tags and categories in a different way. Here are the main differences: 1. Broad vs Specific. The main distinction between categories and tags is the size of the topic they cover. Categories group broad topics of your posts while tags describe a specific detail in your content. To make it clear, let’s say you have a food blog. Edit Flow allows you to manage the articles you and your team publish using a drag-and-drop editorial calendar inside of WordPress. This gives you a visual representation of what articles your team is working on, and you can even label them with statuses, such as “Draft,” “Pending Review,” and “Published.”. Go to Appearance » Widgets and drag and drop the categories widget in a sidebar. All your categories will be displayed in the sidebar, except those which do not have posts. The category widget allows you to display your categories as a dropdown menu or a list. You can also choose if you want to display the number of posts in each category.

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